baked potatoesThis website was visioned as putting up my art piece and showing the world my creative self. However, recently I have found that I can cook pretty well. I can feed myself with tasty food! I am getting accustomed with most of the Vegetarian Indian recipes! Looking forward to cooking own cakes and bread …


My kinda soup:




List of things I have learnt to cook:

  • White/ Red pasta
  • Pizza, if I have pizza base
  • Indian: 
  • Khichdi
  • Roti
  • Parantha (every filling possible)
  • Dosa
  • Sambhar
  • Dal (Mix, Tuar, Moog)
  • Rajma
  • Chole
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Aloo tikki
  • Aam ras
  • Soups
  • Aloo Sandwich
  • Sabzi (all excpt those which take care like gilhki, karela, bringal)
  • Utpam
  • Curds
  • Kheer
  • kadi
  • Poha
  • Sabudhani khichdi
  • Daliya
  • Beverages:
  • Chai
  • Coffee
  • Badam Milk
  • One mocktail
  • Sweet dish
  • Kheer

This is a growing list…

My masala trolley


Miscellaneous food, with tips to cook, experience etc..


Trying out parantha! First attempt was successful!




Christmas present to the stomach in a foreign land! Kadai Mutter paneer. Do we need recipe book or youtube? No! I am quite a keen observer. I wouldn’t mostly know that when I am seeing something.. I am probably learning it. Neither the Parantha or Paneer or most of the dishes I make are out of a subconscious.


Aloo Tikki. Was just roasting boiled potato and realised that they taste like Tikki.. hehe. Added some cornflour, made it into a tikki looking shape and roasted in no oil.

I made Green chutney, the taste was fine, however, the texture was wrong. Next time. Imli chatni was the curry chutney from Supermarket.



Southindian stly pudina chutney (Yum!!!), tomato chutney(trying to resemble taste from mum), and Utpama cum dosa something. First attempt, so boken. Feels like a boss after this! Sambhar on the list, next!




Quick 10 minutes, pulao in rice cooker. Put all veggies, like whatever you have! Jeera, salt, a little garam masala. That is it.. Quick tasty food. You can add lemon on it too. and eat with yoghurt. If too spicy, flavoured yoghurt is awesome.




First attempt to roti on the induction plate, top ones are a fail, but the one in the bottom are much better. For obvious reasons, it is difficult to make a roti on induction plate. In the top ones I roasted it without ghee o oil and all water evaporated. Tried to replicate how it’s done in India. Making it like a parantha works! But this mix veg was very nice. Just added loads of love in it.





Pasta with Cheese, quick and easy. Boil mix, grate cheese. Staple diet here. Eat it with hot Bread.. tastes awesome.






There was a month, were I just made Rajma and Cholla for a week (twice, so one cooking stayed for three days) and made rice every day and lived on it. And with that make paneer or aloo sabzi. with rice or tortilla. Amazing when food is ready, when you arrive home after the whole day working. Felt like home. hehe..





The time when I was tired of tortilla but still lazy to experiment to make chapati.





Ajwani Parantha with Aloo sabzi. Now the shape comes much better






Roasted Paneer with salt and lemon. Quick and fulfilling.





Moong dal with Paneer Mutter and urad dal. Dal queen! 😉


Aloo sazi with Rice!!!
Gajar halwa


July 2018: yay!!!

Palak Corn Sabzi
Moth ki awesome sabzi
Moong and Chawal



Aamras,  Picture 1: Preparation, Picture 2: Forgot to take a picture before eating, that’s half full bowl picture.



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