abstractI made this, in my first months abroad, I got Oil colours shipped from home. But I didn’t have turpentine to clean my brushes! I was not very proficient in finding things I needed. And people I asked at that time were like me, not knowing about it. Maybe some ideas didn’t really help so much. I had brushes but nothing to paint with! SO, this painting is made directly with colour tubes and my hand.

I like that white space. First, it helped me save the effort to paint that. But when I imagined painting that blue, I didn’t like that idea. The colours painted represent a montain with forest fire.. yeah.. now you see it..

The blazing yellow, red, orange… represnt fire. Green, trees. Brown, stones. And blue because I liked the mix of all colours. I want to title : “Just like that”.


It is to celebrate to get oil colour after such a long deprivation from it! I really couldn’t find oil colours. I found one colour tube that costed equivalent to a pack of all 12 colour set colour!




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