This heart has three layers. I personally think, a better version of this can be created. Artists of all kinds find it a struggle to show heart break, make you feel heartbreak. This is my attempt.

When I created this piece, I was hurt, was feeling a lot of pain, pathetically heartbroken. (Later today I realise pain is humongous only until you get a bigger one). I was in the process of the impossible healing from the detachment at that time.

There are three layers. The base is the one which is foundation during your upbringing. It has a lot of scars, matter is taken from it mostly, scrapped off and scratched, a little molested from here and there. The idea is that it’s not smooth like ❤️. It doesn’t have holes, but just looses purity because of hurt and how family realatives, teachers and school friends affect it. It is nutured no doubt, but nevertheless scared.

The layers are not based on age. But the people(I think): the first layer being for the blood relatives: family and relatives and extended family and extended realatives. Who pose some stake in your life Second is for the many people you take pieces from and remake a new heart. These people usually your friends, people you love, respect and seem to have been related to them from forever. These people are your people. The third heart is any love(s) of your life, who give a piece of theirs to you. It is a form of the truest, most dedicated to you form of love. It can be anyone you know, usually it’s people’s kids, spouses, partners, can be your brother too. Like those people to whom you will not even think before giving a kidney.

Again nothing is very smooth in this, because it is like that.

I also think, this is an evolving heart. So, when you are one year old, the heart doesn’t look like this. Maybe when you have had enough encounters with people in the real-world. More like showing attachments and detachments.

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