If you have seen my recent paintings. You would wonder how shabby did I paint before. The cloud is exposed on the top like a bowtie. The horizon is so weird! No straight, not curvy but irregular.. wonder if that happens in Andromeda galaxy.  Because of some subtle features, it is prominent that it is a water, else it is difficult to point that out. Gravity has been compromised a big time. But it seems a lot of effort has been made in order to make it beautiful. It is realistic in some portion also: look at the extreme clouds on the left and right. They are beautiful, though look a little choreographed, still perfectly diffused in the sky. Look at the variety of colour combinations that have been tried to impose in the sea.


What I learnt from this analysis is that after 10 years; I really have become a teacher of my younger self. I can critic and amend the mistakes I have done.

If I have given up at that point in life on painting. And had someone discouraged me that I am not painting beautiful as I think it is, I would have lost the confidence in the artist in me. Painting is not a blessing. It is practice, PATIENCE, and believe in oneself. I was not a person of self-belief at the point this painting is made, but people appreciating my small effort created a lot of self-confidence in me. Today in 2018, people in Europe and from over the world appreciate my art skills, which has had a tremendous effect on me. These people have not been professional art admirers but common people like me who can relate to a picture of reality.


This peacock painting was painted before I was 8 year old.



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