Just a random things, I happened to do while studying 😉

Sketching is a such a therapy for me! I am happy to have found my stress buster.

I am thinking of having an elaborate series of similar sketches called ‘black on yellow”.


When I was a child, I always wanted to create the most perfect design whenever I started my sketching. Over time, I learnt it is good to believe that while starting that this will be the best ever. But trust me, you have to know also, that you should not stop to wait to be perfect to sketch. With every piece you are your way towards being perfect. Practice is the process that making you perfect.

Living in Europe, gaining the much needed confidence, I started experimenting. I feel free like a bird, only slaved by time. But my mind is free as hell, I like it. I do not control it, I am amazed by how awesome my free brain is. It is relieving! Brains are amazing things, most unappreciated thing maybe. I am so happy that I found the ability to let it free. The world is so much better now! Everyday, I feel like I own the world.

Never stop experimenting.

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