Wall painting- Acrylic- Abstract

Out of boredom and to fill the cracks of the ugly wall we (my brother and me), out of now where started painting the wall. We made an excuse that we broke and acrylic colour bottle, so we had to use, therefore we painted it.


Once it was painted we were so scared that our [parents would kill us for oing this. Suprisingly, we were not at ALL scolded. hehe.. we could have been more prankful that day 😉


My brother, is a bit nerdy, so, we have alpha beta on the wall. And the mixing of colour is by me. It is an abstract because I had to lower my perfection of art skills for him. But it was for him, that he was fast and quickly ruining it that this was painted in a brief time of 5 hours; as I trying to beautify the fast drying colour as fast as possible.



We have used mostly our hands, sponges, clothe and for the sharper strokes, the brush. The strong wave thing is done by those big sprays can, which are used by rood side junkies to make dirty drawing and put slogans on street walls. We in fact have used a blown balloon to also paint(see the top right corner).


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