The tale of being Quarantine. Once I got stuck in a restroom (toilet) of a restaurant. No now we are quarantined due to the coronavirus. Being in the lockdown is being stuck helplessly, the good part is we are alone but still not alone. This video is about the experience of being stuck in a place where you can not get out, you struggle but can’t get out. Ending with a compromise with life that this is it. Here it is:

You blame the world in midst of it, not sure who exactly to blame (fuck you!)
You try to play guitar, trying to make the best of the time. “I will show the world that nothing can defeat me. Serve me with lemons, I will make lemonade of it.”
You try to get out, putting all your might into it, you feel you get close of coming out of the captive, but you can’t.
You try to find secret exits, but can’t.
You try to come together with your family (closed fist). Trying to find strength in unity.
You get bruised, but you continue.
All sweaty and tired, but you continued.
Desperate to get out, with no fault of your own.

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