Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.

The eagerness of ambition in blood,
The will to do so much more than expected,
to outwit my own strength
to be enormous like the sea,
to have vigour like the waves
to be solid as the stones,
the freedom like the droplets,
the determination like the waves,
sparkle in eyes like the droplets in the sun,
the vastness of the sea,
the love with hardships,
to have a life as colourful as water.



The road with no rush

एक ही रास्ता जिसपे चुप चाप सर को झुकाये हुए
बंद आँखें किये लोग चलते है सारे जनम
जानते भी नही, सोचते भी नही, पूछते भी नही
उनको ये रस्ता लेकर कहीं जायेगा
या कहीं भी नही|
चलते चलते कहीं एक मोड़ आता है
सीधे रस्ते से बिलकुल अलग
कोई दीवाना ही होता है जो की उधर जाता है|
वरना बाकी तो सब सीधे रस्ते पे ही
अपने सारे जनम चलते हैं
सर झुकाये हुए बंद आँखें किये और ये दुख लिये
मोड़ जो देखा था उसपे मुड़ जाते हम
तो नजाने कहाँ तक पहुँच पाते हम|
gully boy (movie)



I can stare at the horizon for hours. It is one of my favourite tourist spots. It gives you a feeling of being at the end of the world (land). However, a horizon is an illusion, the sky and sea meet, which in reality can never happen, has never happened.


OOO! The Netherlands!

This is my little description of the Netherlands. The best sky (a clear sky), some colourful tulips, and the Delft’s windmill. I like the little red/pink tint in the sky. It is made in pastel. It is self-designed. It is the background template for a scientific conference that happened in Delft in 2018.



I like the question-mark shape of the neck of the peacock/swarm. I have exaggerated it always in my sketches. This is one of a very old painting before I was 16.  The sky is typical of what I used to paint earlier, the mix of crimson red and peacock blue (both my fav). Though logically the colours should be interchanged. I have always be scared of experimenting with drawing out of imagination. I am haunted by the perfectionist attitude of mine.



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