An Angel

This is the portrait of someone special. Beautiful lady with a pure soul. This is my first attempt at a colored portrait. It is made in pastels. It took roughly 24 hours to get to this. I used a spray to coat the pastel dust, however, it made the colours undergo change and the painting no looks as in this picture. Lessons learnt and happy with the newly acquired skill. (August 2018)IMG_20180713_114253.jpg






Sketching as a Stress Reliever

A sweet nerd. A lot of knowledge this guy has, try competing with him on it. Decembers are tedious to focus. No sunlight, no social life especially after changing the country. Sketching at such times boosts the hormones to feel happy. In three hours, his sketch was made, unplanned (ofcourse). (January 2018)







This portrait is in honour of my grandfather (Opa, dada). He has been an overachiever in his time. If he had not moved from village to city, during his youth, we all would have had a very different life. I probably could not be the person I am today. That takes another level of argument. However, he has supported he family financially, less emotionally. But he has the burden of the entire family on his head (you can see his forehead). He is also a stern person, that’s can be seen from his jaw.

When I asked my parents to send me a picture of grandpa smiling. This was the best they could do. He tries but.. is shy.

When I gave him this portrait. He just smiled and didn’t say anything at all. To my eight-year-old cousin he asked whose portrait is this, grandpa was happy to listen to his name. I guess the way our elders show love is quite different than what we imagine it to be.


Cutie pie

A three year mixed race girl. Hounoured to sketch her. The skect doesnt justify her beauty. Too obsessed with the protrait that I over did the shading especially at the chin.

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