Oil paintings

Oil painting is orgastic. The mixing of the colours, putting the colours on the very blank canvas, the versions of the colours created! Ul la la! At the moment, I have three painting to showcase. They are presented in the order of their creation.

Ferocious Stallions

This painting was started in 2013, came back out again in 2016 before moving the Netherlands. And then shipped to the Netherlands, so that it reaches its completion.

It is painting in my phase of life that I was struggling to get out of what I thought was mediocrity. The painting is not original, but the choice to paint it shows the thought process to choose it.

The stallions running out of the water ferociously, as if they were caged in the place and now they are running out of it, to save themselves. They are running for their life, to save themselves from whatever had held them.

This picture in a snippet represents the phase between studying in India and coming to the Netherlands.


I like dynamic pictures, the movement and the



Look at the intense colours. 
The dyanmism in its colours.
The beauty of the yellow colours on nose

Lady with the Lantern

Giving away old disappointments and looking forward to new hopes.

The Lantern- 2013


A wildfire on a mountain forest. Look closely.





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